Essential - Watering | Bamboo Giant

Essential - Watering

This maybe the most important post on this page and it's to do with.... Watering! Watering your newly planted bamboo is essential for healthy new growth, as we move (i say hopefully) in to warmer drier months.

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Time for a drink! | Bamboo Giant

Time for a drink!

Definitely time to have a rummage around shed and find the watering can!

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Cow | Bamboo Giant


Well my beautiful cow picture is a very tenuous link to the subject I wanted to talk about (fertlisers) But I just couldn't quite visualise a photo of fertilser that looked in anyway appealing.

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Root Barrier Installation guide | Bamboo Giant

Root Barrier Installation guide

Choosing to use a root barrier involves a bit of extra cost upfront and a bit of extra digging too. But it's benefits long term far outweigh this initial work and cost.

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To mix or not to mix... | Bamboo Giant

To mix or not to mix...

Mixing bamboo, it's a common question as whether it's a good idea to mix bamboo and in general it's not.

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To infinity and beyond! | Bamboo Giant

To infinity and beyond!

It's that time of the year when huge new canes are erupting from your bamboo, towering every higher in to the spring sky... and I'm sure you're wondering when and if they will ever stop.

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Beautiful Big Black Bamboo | Bamboo Giant

Beautiful Big Black Bamboo

Just in today, very big, very bushy Black bamboo in huge 20 litre pots.

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Bamboo Plants for Screening | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo Plants for Screening

The demand for bamboo to provide screening seems to be ever-increasing. To screen from new buildings, trampolines (a big favourite), new extensions or for boundaries where neighbours have removed fences, trees or hedging to dramatic effect.

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Jobs for February | Bamboo Giant

Jobs for February

February is a great month to either divide your bamboo or...

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Bamboo 2020 | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo 2020

While bamboo is used to create natural living boundaries, provide privacy and architectural interest, they are simultaneously capturing pollution, reducing noise and providing essential food and shelter for wildlife

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Bamboo in Winter | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo in Winter

Well in the world of bamboo there isn't really much you need to think about, all our bamboo varieties are hardy and won't need winter protection.

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Bamboo Leaf Mulch | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo Leaf Mulch

Bamboo replaces it's leaves throughout the year - new leaves emerge to take the place of last years growth, and as the year goes on more leaf litter will accumulate at the base on the bamboo.

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