Bamboo in Winter

Bamboo in Winter | Bamboo Giant

Winter is here, the festive season is upon us, and I must say I do love Christmas!

Well in the world of bamboo there isn't really much you need to think about, all our varieties are hardy and won't need winter protection. But a couple of things to consider, one is mulching - all plants enjoy a layer of mulch to keep them snug and insulated in the cold weather. Potted plants don't benefit from the warmer soil temperatures so they can be prone to freezing. It's a good idea to make sure your bamboo is in a big enough pot, the more soil around the root ball the better it will be insulated. And in regards to potted plants, make sure the pot is draining adequately, no plant wants to sit waterlogged in a pot for winter.

On that note Sarah and Matt at BambooGiant wish you all a wonderful Christmas.


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