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Going Green | Bamboo Giant

Today being the latest in the Worldwide School Climate strikes, I thought I should sing the praise of Bamboo and what it does for the environmental cause.
Bamboo is super eco-friendly, not only is it a wonderfully effective air filter, converting 35% more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees,

Fast becoming a major source for renewable energy.

Due to its incredible growth rate (its the fasted growing plant) it's now being used as a renewable timber resource, reducing deforestation of old, established rainforest. It can be harvested in 4 years as opposed to 12+ years for other softwoods.

Bamboo is also used widely used where soil conservation is required preventing erosion and water run-off, preserving precious eco-systems.

And also really important no fertiliser, pesticides, or herbicides are needed to grow bamboo.

Save the World - Plant Bamboo!

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