Root Barrier Installation guide

Root Barrier Installation guide

Choosing to use a root barrier involves a bit of extra cost upfront and a bit of extra digging too. But the benefits long-term far outweigh this initial work and cost.

Bamboo is nearly always planted on a boundary and very frequently up against a fence, this is when a root barrier can be particularly useful. Customers often ask whether to use planters when planting bamboo to help contain spread, but if planting in the ground is available, always use the ground. And if control of spread is necessary, consider using our root barrier.

Root barrier is made from very tough and durable mdpe plastic and is sold by us by the metre as one continuous length. To determine the amount (in metres) needed use the following calculation :

(Length of trench x 2) + 2 = total root barrier needed.

This will allow for both ends, both sides and an overlapping join. 

To install root barrier for when planting bamboo for use as a linear screen, see the diagram below, and following steps.

Bamboo Barrier

1) Dig a trench 65cm deep along the area to be planted. The root barrier itself is 69cm wide, this once installed will leave 4cm above ground level - important.

2) Place the root barrier vertically down all sides of the trench, allowing a healthy overlap where the barrier joins.

3) Back-fill roughly half of the trench to a level where your new bamboo will, if planted at that level have the top of its root ball at ground level. 

4) Place the bamboo along the trench at equally spaced intervals. 

5) Back-fill the trench to the surrounding ground level.

6) As always for newly planted bamboo - water generously.

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