Tall Bamboo Or Mid Bamboo?

Tall Bamboo Or Mid Bamboo? | Bamboo Giant

  • Bamboo beyond 3m : use our 'Tall Bamboo'
  • Bamboo between 2m and 3m :our 'Tall Bamboo' and 'Mid Bamboo' will both work but the 'Tall' will provide coverage quicker.

For a bamboo that will provide height and coverage above 3m then use our 'Tall Bamboo' The Golden Crookstem or the Bisset Bamboo. are good choices, both are very effective for tall upright plantings.

For lower screens between 2m and 3m you can consider our 'Mid Bamboo' as well as our 'Tall bamboo'. If time is a factor you will create better and quicker coverage,  by using the 'Tall bamboo' and trimming down each year. Most of the 'Mid Bamboo' are relatively slow growing and will take time to give good coverage. The results are fantastic as they are beautiful plants it's just a longer time frame. 

The 'Tall Bamboo' are big bold plants with strong, defined, upright canes. The 'Mid Bamboo' generally have a more graceful form and foliage with less significant canes. The 'Mid' varieties are usually less upright as the canes are not so rigid, to some this can appear attractive, to others untidy. Pruning arching canes will return them to a more upright form. 

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