To infinity and beyond!

To infinity and beyond! | Bamboo Giant

It's that time of the year when huge new canes are erupting from your bamboo, towering every higher in to the spring sky... and I'm sure you're wondering when and if they will ever stop. Well in most cases they do stop and the question then becomes what to do when the canes are just too tall.

There are two options:

1) If you have the density and the height that you already require from your existing clump then you can prune these new canes at ground level at any time.

2) The preferred option is to allow the new canes to harden and for the branches and leaves to unfurl. At this point you can then prune the cane to height. Once pruned the cane will cease to grow any taller.

At the same time prune out older thinner canes from the clump to help make space and just to generally tidy up a bit.

Tip: If you keep the centre of the clump clear of older canes then the bamboo will be encouraged to fill this space the next time new canes are due. This is a fairly clever way to prevent too much spread.

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