Quick Tip - Pruning old canes | Bamboo Giant

Quick Tip - Pruning old canes

Quick tip - Grab your secateurs, now's the time to prune to the ground any weak, thin or damaged canes.

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Subterranean Alien Invasion? | Bamboo Giant

Subterranean Alien Invasion?

Spring is starting to make itself felt and this is the time when you will see the emergence of numerous very odd-looking eruptions from the base of bamboo.

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Which Compost | Bamboo Giant

Which Compost

There are of course many types of compost and many many opinions as to what is best to use. We have planted out many many many bamboo and take our word for it a good multi-purpose compost is all you need. 

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Slow release Fertiliser | Bamboo Giant

Slow release Fertiliser

With each order we send out we include a complimentary slow release fertiliser. This fertiliser is a high nitrogen blend which will really help to boost the growth of you new bamboo whether planted in the ground or in a planter.

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Essential - Watering | Bamboo Giant

Essential - Watering

This maybe the most important post on this page and it's to do with.... Watering! Watering your newly planted bamboo is essential for healthy new growth, as we move (i say hopefully) in to warmer drier months.

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Bamboo pruning | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo pruning

Bamboo is a little different from other bamboo, once a cane has been pruned it no longer grows. It will keep it's leaves but it's height is set.

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Using a Root Barrier | Bamboo Giant

Using a Root Barrier

There is really only one bamboo we grow which we would absolutely recommend a root barrier and that is the fast and furious Arrow Bamboo.

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Tall Bamboo Or Mid Bamboo? | Bamboo Giant

Tall Bamboo Or Mid Bamboo?

For bamboo beyond 3m use our 'Tall Bamboo' for bamboo between 2m and 3m our 'Tall Bamboo' will provide quicker coverage than our 'Mid Bamboo'.

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Planting - In the Ground or in a Planter? | Bamboo Giant

Planting - In the Ground or in a Planter?

The ground will always give bamboo far greater vigour, growth, and coverage than potted alternatives. Always plant in the ground if possible.

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Bamboo in Planters | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo in Planters

Bamboo are perfectly suited to being planted out in pots/planters The planter material is not important. Any plastic, resin, stone, wooden, steel, zinc planters will do the job. Size is important.

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Bamboo Spacing and Spread | Bamboo Giant

Bamboo Spacing and Spread

Don't fear using bamboo with moderate spread, it’s important to give you coverage. Controlling the spread is simple and effective. But if planting in a confined space or right up against a fence or you simply want a maintenance free solution consider using a root barrier.

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Stripped Bamboo | Bamboo Giant

Stripped Bamboo

We have a lot of enquiries from customers who send us this image from pinterest asking how to achieve this stripped effect. Most bamboo can be stripped like this but the Golden Crookstem and the Bisset Bamboo really do lend themselves to this form

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