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In this bundle you will receive all you need to create and maintain an instant bamboo screen  :

The options available are as follows

10x Bisset Bamboo in 15 litre pots, current height - 1.8m tall

10x Golden Crookstem Bamboo in 15 litre pots, current height - 1.8m tall

10x Yellow Groove Bamboo in 15 litre pots, current height - 1.8m tall

Each bundle includes:

3 x 60 litre bags of premium compost

1 x High nitrogen organic fertiliser

1 x Instructions and care sheet.

Delivered on the day of your choosing (Tuesday to Friday)

Recommended planting 1 per metre or closer


Bisset is a good all rounder provides excellent top to bottom coverage in most conditions

Golden Crookstem, loves the sun and gets tallest quickest. 

Yellow Groove is the choice for really exposed sites.

More info: Screening - Spacing and Spread  - Ground or Planter? -  Bamboo in Planters

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