Bamboo Giant

We are a family affair - husband, wife and ever helpful children, with grateful helping hands from the wider family. 

Our Sussex-based nursery is a mixture of plants, from the everyday shrubs to palm trees, topiary, and of course bamboo. The idea for this website was simply a reaction to the incredible resurgence bamboo has enjoyed in recent years, its by far the biggest selling plant we have at the nursery. So we've decided to ride the wave of bambooism, and start selling to a wider audience on the internet.

The site itself tries to be clean and simple, telling what you need to know, without getting too bogged down in detail. It's really difficult to photo bamboo due to its size so we've tried to be a little creative and show a close up picture which hopefully represents the characteristics of that particular plant.

The size guide on each product page is a really good way of finding out what size you will get at purchase and also how big it will grow.

We grow bamboo and sell bamboo everyday - you are in safe hands here, but if you do have any questions, doubts or concerns about buying online, buying from us, or what to buy please either call us on 07703 325321 or drop us a line on our contact us page.

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