Size guide

Plant sizes and pot sizes

The sizes shown on the product page are the sizes of the pot and the height of the bamboo delivered to you. 
For example a product listed as '15 litre pot (2.5m tall)' means you receive exactly that a bamboo in a 15 litre pot, 2.5 metres tall.

Metric to imperial

As you have seen the website works in metric a rough conversion to feet and inches is as follows:

1m = 3ft 3 inches
1.5m = 5ft
1.8m = 6ft
2.1m = 7ft
2.5m - 8ft +

Pot sizes

Pot sizes are quoted in litres which is generally no help to anybody, so below is a conversion to metric.

5 litre pot = 23cm tall with a 23cm diameter
10 litre pot = 28cm tall with a 28cm diameter
15 litre pot = 32cm tall with a 32cm diameter (about the size of a bucket)