Weekly Report

This is a guide to what is looking it's best in the nursery this week. It's what you would buy if you were visiting the nursery in search of top quality bamboo. So for those who are viewing from afar I will be your eyes on the ground - here is what to look to:
The Bisset bamboo in the 5 litre pot, really good value, tall and strong with healthy strong growth. Really its too big for the pot and will be potted up in the coming weeks. So your really your getting a 10 litre plant in a 5 litre pot at a 5 litre pot price.
The Green Sulcus, the bushiest, and best bamboo at the moment 1.8m and very full with really dense foliage. An excellent choice for instant screening.
In the mid bamboo all of the Fargesia are fantastic, wonderfully bushy and in perfect condition. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the ever graceful 'Asian Wonder'