Golden Chinese Timber Bamboo

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The pot sizes and bamboo height shown above are the sizes delivered to you, not the eventual size of the bamboo. The pot sizes are measured in litres which is not particularly helpful. To give a better idea here is a rough conversion from pot size in litres to pot size by height and width:

5 litre pot - 22cm x 15cm, 10 litre pot - 26cm x 22cm, 
12 litre pot - 28cm x 24cm, 18 litre pot - 30cm x 26cm

Now for a bit about the bamboo...

(Phyllostachys Vivax aureocaulis) A spectacular golden bamboo, a real giant in terms of height and cane thickness. The golden canes have random green vertical stripe between nodes. Not generally used for screening more a standalone specimen due to it's prodigious size.


More info: Spacing and Spread  - Ground or Planter?  Bamboo in Planters

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