Discounted Screening Bundle

Size Guide

In this bundle you will receive all you need to create and maintain an instant bamboo screen  :

The options available are as follows

10x Bisset Bamboo in 10 litre pots, current height - 1.6m tall

10x Golden Crookstem Bamboo in 10 litre pots, current height - 1.8m

10x Yellow Groove Bamboo in 10 litre pots, current height - 1.6m

Each bundle includes:

3 x 60 litre bags of premium compost

1 x High nitrogen organic fertiliser

1 x Instructions and care sheet.

Delivered on the day of your choosing (Tuesday to Friday)

Recommended planting 1 per meter or closer


Bisset is a good all rounder provides excellent top to bottom coverage in most conditions

Golden Crookstem, loves the sun and gets tallest quickest. 

Yellow Groove, excellent in windy exposed situations.


More info: Spacing and Spread  - Ground or Planter?  Bamboo in Planters

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